44 thoughts on “EA reveals updated Progression System for Battlefront 2

  1. Comment I came across on YouTube that was actually constructive and I couldn’t agree more.

    “This is getting depressing. I have been playing games since the late 80s/early 90s. In my 30s now, I want younger gamers to inherit a space that is cool and awesome, filled with passion. That is what gaming is about. But now with loot box slot machine psychology being added as a norm in AAA gaming, you have to stop and think. Strip off the flashing lights, the catchy sounds, the custom skins, the random rewards, and what you get is the training of internalizing, habitualizing the practice of gambling into us. It is behaviour psychology 101. We are being trained like rats in a skinner box. Thats what greedy publishers and developers think gamers are now – rats to be trained. There is a reason yt gamers like Angry Joe, Total Biscuit, Jim Sterling, YongYea and others are sounding the alarm. The gaming landscape is slowly but surely adopting gambling orientations, just to nickle and dime gamers for more money. Like trained rats in a skinner box. Unless we say no. It is the younger gamers that will inherit the gaming space. Young gamers will come to the gaming space thinking all this slot machine loot box nonsense is normal to gaming when its not. And after decades of habitualizing, internalizing gambling-gaming practices, where you think these new adults will be? Upright people no doubt but with gambling tendencies. And we’re talking of the current and next two generations worth of people. And if adopting slot machine psychology becomes such a money maker for these greedy publishers and developers, what else in gambling will they try to push into gaming. And you know they will if there is no outcry now. My advice – Check out of AAA gaming. Go back to behaviour psychology they are trying to use on us. Do not reward nonsense behavior. Check out of AAA gaming where they are starting to treat gamers like rats to be trained. Support Indies instead. Indies still carry the heart of gaming. Gaming is not about money. Gaming is about gaming.”

  2. It’s like this:

    * 100% of all progression in a $60 game by **RNG loot crates**. Items, weapons, upgrades. Even resources aimed at crafting an upgrade or weapon, which is [this article](https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2017/10/08/star-wars-battlefront-2s-loot-boxes-seem-like-theyre-going-to-be-a-serious-problem/#1b81656b6323) said is an occasional thing.
    * Real money gambling pressure even for children.
    * 100% of progression – all weapons & abilities. Not limited to cosmetics either. Even easier to pile on pressure.
    * Everything will include straight up upgrades, no-brainer items, and situational items.
    * Situational items: It’s possible to give items that are powerful in certain playstyles, in certain maps, or against typical tactics used by certain clans or groups. There’s usually a tradeoff in other situations. People who have everything can always spawn something suited to the likely situations without incurring the tradeoff. On average they’ll end up stronger because of items than they would otherwise earn by skill.
    * Playtime in any one version of a game can be a small fraction of time and skills in all FPS games. Starting or new-ish players could easily outskill a player with a more game time in a specific sequel in a specific franchise because they have so many skills that transfer from previous games.
    * It’s the type of thing you’d expect from a F2P mobile game. It’s designed to bleed dry vulnerable people. Probably also lots of older clueless casual star wars fans who might get sucked in – even more than veteran gamers. These older fans are in the early part of FPS curve, much like younger minors. They’ll struggle by comparison, and feel any power disparity even more than usual.

    Came across [this article](https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2017/10/08/star-wars-battlefront-2s-loot-boxes-seem-like-theyre-going-to-be-a-serious-problem/#7a4619f96323) (have to click through because it’s on Forbes) which broke it down in-depth & pretty well. It’s worth clicking through. If not new videos by [Angry joe](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne4CnyNW9O4), or [Total Biscuit](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMDGPSWWA18) cover it.

    At the core of the gambling pressure is frustration over long periods, for straight up upgrades, situational stuff, or even if there’s a misunderstanding from a clueless older casual star wars fan, a minor, or a FPS beginner:

    > Website: it’s still psychologically frustrating to be killed by an enemy and have the game show you that they have top-tier Star Cards equipped when you don’t. That seems like a power move on EA’s part to make players think “well shoot, maybe I should buy some loot boxes if I want to compete.”

  3. Are companies like EA or Dice regulated when they implement something like this? I mean it is gambling isn’t it. Whatever way you look at it, people bet money on the hope of winning a prize.
    Gambling sites are heavily regulated so they don’t try to rig the games, surely the same should apply here.

  4. Maybe we need to start trying to get these loot boxes regulated in some way, It’s gambling plain and simple. They are regulated China, why not everywhere else?

    We can “vote with our wallets” all we want but as long as the “Whales” are out there, this type of practice will continue.

    We need to start petitioning to our Governments to do something at this point for anything to get done, Bitching about it on the Internet won’t get anything done.

  5. I thought Angry Joe described the issue with this quite well.

  6. EA is that Hollywood production company that pumps out BS to make money and gets people to say good things about them to hopefully make more money. Everything they touch becomes soulless.

    I’m glad they haven’t got a dime from me for 6 years. I played Battlefront 2 this weekend, it’s a shame that they can provide resources to make something so visually appealing but have to contaminate everything else about the game for the sake of manipulating their customers.

    Remember when we were teenagers and we used to justify our gaming habits by calling it art? I think the Industry is trying to tell us everyone else was right and we’ve been bamboozled into wasting our time.

  7. Basically means I won’t be purchasing the game. The only micro transactions I’m ok with are cosmetic only.

  8. While I am happy to see a game get flack for continuing this god awful tradition, I’m still not happy that the majority of other games are doing similar or will be doing it next game.

    It’s having a serious impact on game quality, content, and game play. But, excuses flourish to defend it. Sadly, I don’t know how many of the people making excuses are being paid to make them and how many are addicted fanboys/fangirls.

    In the end, it will not stop til people stop paying for it. These semi protests are good and all at pointing it out, but we all know what they care about. The fact they push these systems above game play, quality, and support should tell you what they base their deeds on. Profit. Doesn’t matter how much anyone complains if people continue to buy it and pay them for this.

    The truly frightening part is, governments and official regulations are not being involved in what IS gambling. On top of that, they are providing it to under age players. Barely an eye blink from those who enforce the rules. And no word on where they stand on it.

  9. I like how upgrading your abilities is not only tied to RNG loot crates, but there’s also quality levels, so you may unlock the poor quality version and someone else unlocks the max quality version. The gameplay is going to become RNG driven. 1v1s are a factor of who has gotten the luckiest in loot crate drops. What a shit show.

  10. I’ve never availed myself of a micro-transaction or purchased a loot box and I never will. And I don’t know that I can say with a ton of conviction that the presence of these things in certain types of games have noticeably effected my enjoyment of video games as a whole. There are still great games being made and I still love the hobby.

    That being said, I can’t imagine anyone who has been a serious gamer for more than 10 years doesn’t find this trend at least mildly troubling. There are enough stigmas attached to our hobby already. It’s easy enough for those of us who will never buy this stuff just to ignore it. But at the end of the day, if you really love gaming (like I do), you should recognize that these types of business practices do us no favors. They really truly erode the inroads we’ve made over the last 30 years legitimizing gaming as a hobby and as a form of art. I might not always agree with them but I support those who push back at these types of business practices (on youtube, reddit, in the professional reviewer community etc) and I try to vote with my dollars when it comes to this stuff. This trend towards pay-to-win doesn’t make games better and it doesn’t make us stronger as a community

  11. Ugh at least EA is putting out such garbage it’s easily avoided even without principle. My issue right now is Shadow of War, I want it so bad but man WB sure are being greasy fucks about it.

  12. I’ve pretty much stopped buying AAA games from anyone outside of Nintendo. The most interesting stuff is being done by indies at this point anyway. The only AAA game I’m sort of interested in is RDR2 and I’m cautious about that one too given what happened to GTA.

    I have a feeling this is going to lead to some law suits when some kid inevitably steals his dad’s credit card to buy loot boxes. Loot boxes should not be in a $60 game. Ever.

  13. That’s actually really funny. I watched TBs video about this and it’s so crazy that the folks over at EA think that it’s even remotely fair. Someone could spend a bunch of money on crates and immediately have an advantage over someone. In 2k this year they implemented a salary cap for their MyTeam mode which seems like a step in the right direction. The only problem is the new OP cards that come out aren’t affected by the salary change

  14. We’ve come to the worst point gaming has ever been in. No franchise is safe. We have to stop this because it’s ruining my favourite hobby. Fuck Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, Forza 7, Overwatch, Destiny and pretty much any game that forces this shit out and screw those who condone it.

  15. Had every intention of buying BF2. Free to play gambling system? Nope I’m out. Absolutely refuse to play any game with it.

  16. Tell Angry Joe that he was right. Tell him that he was right….

  17. What they arent telling you is you need a season pass to enter the casino to pay money to randomly level your character.

  18. I will admit that this updated version would at least be a little bit more exciting to watch.

  19. Just don’t buy the game. Buy the original Battlefront 2.

  20. Before DLC there was physical expansion packs. Which were back then roughly the same price. Battlefield 1 for example. But it still pisses me off. I also only buy 1 or 2 certain ‘AAA’ games and on sales only.

  21. My son was playing roblox and if you left a child with a credit card attached to your account they could spend 20$ min in each server. Kids today are getting hosed its really sad. I don’t let him play certain games because this reason. And I slowly stop playing games in general and just play on a delayed release cycle which is cheaper

  22. I mean, if you’ve played the beta, it’s really not that bad. In my opinion all they would have to do to fix it is to give you lootboxes as you level up, like Battlefield 4 did. I’m sure if you played the game often you’d rack up the boxes pretty quickly, unless the prices of the lootboxes increase like in PUBG.

  23. Damn I was really excited about the return of a story mode and more multi-player content (got bored after a weekend) but this kills it. Guess back to titanfall 2. One of the few games that respects the players

  24. Star Wars versus the Kiss franchise. Who will set the bar lower?

  25. World,

    Stop the lootbox craze,

    Urge your politicians to ban this shit, hell urge them to ban rmt.

    These companies are ruining gaming

  26. And that’s your prerogative. If you enjoy that sort of thing it’s up to you too purchase products that reflect what you want to see in the industry going forward. I actually also have no problems with loot boxes that can not be bought for real money, but I can’t think of an example this year of a game that met that description, and obviously Battlefront and shadow of war have gone too far.

  27. I’ve been to Vegas once and probably lost $250 gambling. Then in the airport as I was leaving I put $20 in one of these Star Wars games and had no idea what I was doing, but it seemed like I was doing really good so I freaked out and left. Made $120 in 5 minutes or so, and it definitely made my departure a little better 🙂

  28. You know, maybe if games have real money loot boxes the ESRB should rate them M, simply for having real money gambling. See how devs feel about that.

  29. I knew it was bad when even football manager introduced microtransactions…

  30. As salty as people are. Can’t you literally upgrade the “cards” if you wanna avoid RNG? I can easily get 2 upgrades an hour.

  31. At least ALL the future content will be free, so no splitting the community with a paid dlc. Not saying loot box rng system is fine (It’s not), but at least you don’t have to pay for a season pass.

  32. This is a direct result of video game prices not rising over the last 20 years. The base game is still almost always 59.99 despite games becoming far more expensive to make. Consumers don’t want to pay more? Then fine on launch DLC and loot box progression is now the norm. If we payed a more realistic price of 99 to 109 dollars per AAA title these types of gimmicks would not be necessary.

    You can see the same result for services like Twitch. Don’t want to allow streamers to run 2 minutes worth of ads every 20 minutes? Well now we got a stream of vomit some people call donations and subscription alerts for the entire eight hour stream.

  33. Ingame lootboxes are the equivalent of collectible cards in real life. Baseball, soccer, football… You name it. Ever tried to complete a full album of soccer players? Good luck with your money. It’s a pain in the ass.

    Dlc’s and gambling loot aren’t anything new. They come from real life. Modern kids spend money for ingame gems and powerups. We (old guys) spent more money for coin-op arcade videogames, collectible cards, etc.

    My kids loved battlefront 1 and they can’t wait for bf2. They didn’t spend a single penny for bf2 and won’t spent anything for bf2. Unless they save money from elsewhere (candies, physical gadgets, cards, toys, whatever).

    When Christmas comes, or any kind of celebration which involves ‘presents’… I often gift them codes to claim ingame currency: Android PlayStore, battle.net wallet, steam, etc. Based on their preferences. They can manage that money the way they like. End result? They don’t spend anything. They keep hoaording money. Good for them.

  34. I’m down with RNG and loot crates if it means all DLC is free

  35. Meh, I hardly put much time into the beta and still had enough currency to buy 3 or 4 of the loot boxes. Game was fun, will be buying.

  36. I’d have prefered real information over some crap picture. Oh well.

  37. It’s funny how everyone is completely angry about skinner box loot crates. “Dev’s nickle and diming players for more money.” Yet they completely ignore the fact that AAA gaming has only become more expensive over the last ten years. full voice acting from known VA’s, full motion caption, 4k resolution, also I need 20-30 hours of Single player content, and I also expect map packs, DLC, extra extra extra for free. Also I dont want to pay for any of it. Also I dont want to ask the question who is paying for all of that? You see, there are people who MAKE video games, the people who MAKE DLC, who MAKE the maps and everything else people seem to suddenly get really butthurt about on this sub because EA had the audacity to include loot crates, a concept it didn’t even invent.

    Should the artist/designer of the first DLC maps get paid for his work? I mean, according to 90% of this fucking sub, it should be free. But with what money is he getting paid for doing what you want? Do you literally support artists and programmers getting paid for what they do?

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