2 thoughts on “Ea dirty tricks?

  1. İ can confirm this as well. İ haven’t packed shit in a while but a month ago i stopped playing for a while deleted my team and when ea gave it back to me. İ pulled ramos from a mega pack. My friend pulled cr7 from weekly objective reward two player pack after two month of not playing. Pack luck is determined based on various parameters to keep you playing, to lure you in.

  2. İ can confirm that if you dont play for a while ur pack luck is gonna be insane. Packed 1 icon and 1 inform after quiting 2 month . And after quiting 2 weeks returned for otw packs packed otw Mkhitaryan and otw sanchez back to back . I never packed a decent player before just note that if you quit u will be rewarded to return and play more

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