31 thoughts on “Dying Light Puns

  1. On one hand, im super sick of seeing this.

    on the other hand, im happy that there are still people, presumably, going through this game for the first time and enjoying it, because its great.

  2. Just a notice to anyone interested in Dying Light. Over the next twelve months Techland have promised to add 10 pieces of free DLC

  3. hoping for DL2 .. never did get the dlc to work right with mine for some reason.. might have to go mess with it again

  4. Really awesome game. Kept it for a while until I could properly finish the dlc which was pretty good too. I went thru a second play through and it was totally worth it.

  5. I really did love this game but I don’t think any game has ever made me more nauseous than this one.

  6. Absolutely incredible game, bought it as soon as it came out and still jump on fairly often.

  7. I liked the Right for Life achievement in Dead Island. All devs respect L4D

  8. Valve’s inability to actually make third sequels is extremely disappointing, a little sad to know we’ll probably never get a new Left 4 Dead, Portal, and of course Half Life.

    Seeing a once great and creative company reduced to the soulless husk it is now, it’s a shame.

  9. man i need to go back and finish this game thanks for the reminder 😀

  10. I had a ton of fun with this game. It’s the best zombie game out there imo. When is the sequel coming?

  11. I love this game so much and I feel like it wasn’t as popular as it could have been

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