16 thoughts on “Does anyone else remember this beauty?

  1. My favorite memory was using the action reply’s walk through anything cheat in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum to go anywhere. Especially bypassing the invisible wall to get Shaymin

  2. I remember this! I had an R4 card so I couldn’t use it on my own pokemon game so what I used to do was use it on my friend’s game when I visited, then trade them back over to mine 🙂

  3. Oh! I have one of those next to my VCR. I used that quite often before I got an R4. Was fun messing around in StarForce 2 with the cheats provided (singleplayer only), though it wasn’t as fun when I found out that the online PvP mode was filled with cheaters (even met one that was in full Tribe King form for the match, though I almost had him down due to me reflecting his Wide Area attack constantly).

  4. I had one of these, when I plugged it into a computer to update it I guess it started overheating because some of the plastic started to melt on the back of it. Luckily it didn’t damage my game cart or DS.

  5. This brings back PAINFUL memories. I was the only person who didn’t have one my twin sister even had one but she never let me use it.

  6. Na, I had a super card, I could play ROMs directly on the DS and it came with a build in AR

  7. I still have mine. I’ve long since lost the cable needed to quickly update codelists though.

  8. Don’t shitpost “does anyone else remember this?” Yes, we all remember this. It is a cheat device for games. We are on a gaming subreddit.

  9. God damn it.
    I’m unsubscribing. That’s it. Why is every other post “do you remember?”

    You’re posting in a sub aimed at other gamers that game as often as you. Yes, they remember. You’re not cooler for remembering. Aside from the occasional notice of a cheap or free game, fuck this sub.

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