100 thoughts on “Destiny branching out

  1. Oh cool, I wonder what scents there are…”Guardian Tears, MIDA Gunsmoke, Shaxx’s Breath, Eris Morn’s Perfume, and Ghaul’s Armpit”

  2. Disapointed. Thought they were colored shot glasses…. I guess they could be shot glasses after a couple hours.

  3. They give you the option to buy the additional 3 candles once those are done for only $29.99 as DLC (downloadable candles)!

  4. Great to see that GAME have a handle on the their pricing these days. It’s no wonder their business is in the toilet when they pull shit like this.

  5. “The endgame is getting black out drunk and forgetting that you already did the same thing last night.” -Deej

  6. The colors are nice, but I don’t know if I’d buy it. It seems pretty expensive considering they’re single-use consumables.

  7. Not what I meant, when I said I wanted more shaders

  8. Geez, it’s pretty much like how some companies try to entice kids, where they take a wholly generic product and slap a known cartoon character on the packaging.

  9. For £40 you could fill your house with equivalent sized Tesco/Asda/Yankee Candles.

  10. That’s nothing; you get this and so much more completely FREE with a T4 subscription!

  11. After scrolling comments, only saw one person who purchased them as a gift. I got them for me, they smell cool. When I smelled each one, then thought about that item, I felt the smell fit.

    I don’t burn them, I just sniff them once in a while. Plus when it gets warm they make the room smell without “consuming” them.

  12. Those are £25.99 in my local game. I thought that was mad, but £39.99!! crazy

  13. £40 is a lot, but it also had a ghost shaped candle holder with it I believe, if it’s the same one my friend’s friend got.

  14. Don’t forget to buy the Lighting DLC for an additional $25, otherwise they won’t burn.

  15. Is Destiny 2 any good? I couldn’t get into 1, seemed way too repetitive. Bought it because Halo 3 is my favourite multiplayer experience of all time.

  16. They smell of 4 different types of disappointment, 1. Lack of end game content, 2. Solo Q Iron Banner, 3. No 6v6 and 4. Exotic dupes

    EDIT and 5. All PVP going full time…

  17. I bought this set for someones birthday. Spotted them at a booth at Eurogamer expo. They cost £20.
    Game are the fucking worst

  18. I suppose it is your destiny to branch out every now and then.

  19. “No one has smelled these scents for over 1000 years!”

  20. In order: Tomb Husk, The Dawning, Cosmodrome, Sunsinger, Tungsten Monolith

  21. For retards who only buy branded merchandise-versions of everyday stuff.

  22. Is the scents aren’t :

    Salt, Sweat, Tears and Cheese I’m not interested

  23. Shaxx- Excellent work Guardian, now breath in the smell of your enemies failure.
    -Do you smell that? I think your opponents shit themselves.
    -Perfect combo, now stop and smell the roses.

  24. smells include:

    Sweet Milky Milk

    Fallen Autumn Leaves

    Ocean Spray Salt

    Iron Banner Aroma


  25. I wonder how many gamer bros will ending buying that crap simply because they slap the name Destiny on it.

  26. When i first read it i was like jeez 40 dollars thats a rip off but then i saw 40 pounds…. god damn what a waste of money

  27. I seen these yesterday, there is another set for a similar price that comes with a model of a ghost. It’s on my Christmas list now.

  28. I could buy a facking game for 40 quid, why would anyone buy that? So they can be reminded how much they were mugged off for? Facking ell

  29. The candles say:

    – Earth (Grey) – Spinmetal

    – Moon (Yellow) – Helium Fragments

    – Mars (Red) – Relic Iron

    – Venus (Blue) – Spirit Bloom

    – Dreadnaught (Green) – Wormspores

    Amazon has a set with the 5 candles PLUS [Ghost candle holder](https://www.amazon.com/Official-Destiny-Candle-Scented-Candles/dp/B074KGPC9G/ref=pd_sbs_79_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B074KGPC9G&pd_rd_r=RDT6WZFRZH0SE7W121A7&pd_rd_w=MprfB&pd_rd_wg=8QbxV&psc=1&refRID=RDT6WZFRZH0SE7W121A7) for $56.99 USD. Not that you should buy them, but that’s a bit easier to swallow with the Ghost.

  30. Destiny – candles

    Warframe – Time’s Square

    This shows the difference between the two games quite accurately.

  31. Don’t they make enough money on releasing one games content in a disc plus four expansions?

  32. What a rip off wow. Go to White Barn if you want real candles.

  33. Well what the fuck am I supposed to do after burning through them all the first day? Total bs. Zero votive endgame .

  34. lol at the price, otherwise i like the idea of candles based off the theme of a game. Who doesn’t want autumn shadow of war candles.

  35. Disney has done this for years, even had Shrek colors witch looked like butt. I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for game companies to join in, especially with all the female cosplayers.

  36. First a $60 expansion, now a 40 pound set of candles? Uncharted territory.

  37. What’s the green one? dreadnaught seems like a pretty odd name for a candle scent

  38. Dude, i can now have my bros over to raid and also showcase my decor with these conversation starters.

  39. How many Rep Tokens, or did you have to dismantle all of your ships to get Dust to buy it from Eververse?

  40. I was in EB the other week, the amount of Destiny merch this time is pretty stupid.

    They’ve even got Destiny ice cube trays.

  41. Let’s be honest here: A lot of hardcore gamers rooms smell like shit. They go into a candle store and go “Geez, I don’t know what to buy, and I think my friends will make fun of me.”

    Then they spot this thing and go “Oh… Destiny candles?”

    And actually have a candle they would be excited to show off to friends.

    It’s kinda brilliant.

  42. They could have at least made them look like engrams, that would have actually been kind of cool.

  43. When the candles are fully used you got some destiny shot glasses.

  44. This candle smells way underdeveloped, did it come from the moon?

  45. Are they going to replace one candle because it doesn’t smell enthusiastic enough?

  46. This has made me consider buying the game just to get that 4D experience.

  47. They need to fire fucking EVERYBODY at Bungie. The old Bungie has been gone for years. What’s left is an embarrassment.

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