55 thoughts on “Dance game with hand-made dance floor, made by children learning Scratch :D

  1. I wish this was a thing in my school… back then when I went to school…

  2. Girl: Mom I want to do dance!

    Mom: You’re going to learn how to code and you’re going to like it!

    Girl: Hold my juice box.

  3. Why the hell is my roommate learning scratch in college if kids do this in elementary schools?

  4. I remember using Scratch back in 9th grade! It was really fun making and playing those games.

  5. In before the kids get sued by Konami for patent infringement.

  6. Can someone please explain how to replicate this hand made DIY process? If possible, with some tech support for the wires and programs compatibility?

  7. I’m a 6th grader and those kids are like 7 making their own dance dance revolution while me and my friends are talking about reddit and about a famous guy buying beans…

  8. Isn’t Scratch dragon drop programming? Either way, good for the kids.

  9. Awesome, thank you. I’ll search for pics but even without I should be set. Have some upvotes, mine at least

  10. Oh, so NOW they’re teaching kids how to grow up and be Tony Stark. Back in my day, they told us technology was evil and wouldn’t have any demand in the future whatsoever.

    Seriously, fuck schools.

  11. Scratch isn’t a very good teaching tool regarding programming in my opinion at least. But for kids that age, good choice.

  12. Played DDR on a first date, got super sweaty and smelled like BO….. she still let me smash.

    Yep I married her.

  13. Your kids are doing more advanced work than my third level high school coding class. I’m jealous

  14. Awesome!! Seeing Scratch on a TV kind of news/documentation series for kids sparked my interest for game development and programming 🙂

  15. The definition of learning scratch sure has changed.

    I was hoping to see some kids on the wheels of steel. I am disappoint.

  16. Awesome. The best way to learn is while having fun. Also, I hope there’s some anti-slip material under those pads are those kids will be in for a physics lesson as well!

  17. They say some of the fastest learning starts at early ages. If the kids start now when they’re this young I can only imagine how great they can get once they dive into the world of coding.

  18. Meanwhile, Im in college and struggle with very basic Java. Kill me please.

  19. This is awesome! I actually tutor game development on the side and I use something called PixelPAD.io, it’s just a little beyond scratch and is super awesome for learning python really quickly!

    i made this rick and morty game with it =)


  20. Are those aluminum foil capacitance pads? I had some serious fun with those and an arduino.

  21. All I have to say is fuck yes this is awesome. If I had this in school I would of loved that class even at a young age. Plus if this is taught right these kids are learning very practical skills for our modern technological world.

  22. And here I am proud of myself for having a C in my intro to HTML class

  23. My daughter is just starting Scratch at school…can’t wait to see some of the things she makes.

  24. Oh man. First time someone has to do a `<- ->` jump, those pads are going to slide apart. Hope the kid’s flexible!

  25. Yup, exactly what I was going for. Have any idea what to do with those wires?

  26. I remember doing this with my freinds during the school sports carnival and getting told off for playing video gamez

  27. I need to get some decent mats and get back into playing again. I lost a lot of weight when I was seriously involved.

  28. I used scratch in highschool and all I could do is make a cat move to an x

  29. I don’t even know how to make a character move by pressing buttons and these children are doing dance floors…

  30. I did the same thing in sixth grade using makey makey! That’s awesome!

  31. I work at a tutoring center where we teach kids Scratch, and I’ve gotta say it’s a pretty great way to get them interested in programming, music, art, even math for the advanced stuff. It’s also fun to have little game competitions and show them off on a projector at the end of the week.

  32. I think we did this exact thing back in junior high, only without floorpads.

  33. This is cool. Sucks that I have an inexplicable hatred for scratch

  34. This is nice and all, but Scratch is dated, limited, and teaches you next to nothing about programming. This girl will probably never become a game dev.

  35. That’s literally so easy wtf why is this upvoted. Just use a makey makey and scratch

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