16 thoughts on “Croatia to introduce Euro as official currency by 2022

  1. *Dubious. Even if our debt keeps falling, it’s at around 80% of GDP now… and debt falling is never guaranteed, maybe another financial crisis starts somewhere, and we’re completely incapable of not being swept along in such events.


    Now, in terms of people wondering at us, why we want Euro, “but but the Eurozone crisis, but you lose sovereignty over your currency, but…!” -> That train has passed a long time ago.

    Our Kuna hasn’t been sovereign in its existence, first it was faithfully pegged to Deutsche Mark, then the Euro.

    Which means we can’t play around with its value, because it has no real value, *we already use the Euro*, it’s only called something else.

    And if we in some theoretical event wanted to devalue Kuna for the sake of improving exports… the following day -> “we’re as indebted as Greece”. It’s because so many of our debts – both private and public – are in Euros.

    So, we may as well make trading/tourism a bit easier, put a few exchange office employees out of work.

  2. This could finally convince some Czechs to overcome their europhobia. Not in a “Croatia is already adopting Euro after such short time in the EU” way but in a “I don’t want to exchange muh korunas to Euro everytime during my vacation, let’s do it as well” way. I know, it’s stupid but hey, it could work.

  3. I really don’t understand why Croatia would want the Euro. A monetary union without a fiscal union is a ticking time bomb for small countries. Sure, the Euro probably doesn’t cause economic hardship, but it takes away the most effective solution to it. What happened in Greece was not a result of the Euro, but the fact that they couldn’t devalue their currency left them with absolutely no options.

    Also, the Euro is surely just going to make Croatian tourism uncompetitive against Greece and Italy. Tourists are pretty price sensitive, and joining the Euro will make holidaying in Croatia more expensive.

  4. About damn time! Honestly, it is such a bother to have to go and exchange euro for kuna every time we go on vacation. Now the only thing we have to worry about are the ungodly long traffic jams at the border. No helping that though, not yet anyway.

  5. Well that’s great news for Croatia. I just hope other countries also adopt the euro. Especially if Eurozone tries to get closer together everyone needs a seat at the table don’t get left behind.

  6. Nooo, that’s my favourite foreign currency with all the cute animals! 🙁

    I hope when it happens your version still has some of those animals printed on the coins

  7. Everybody should get Euro, exchanging money is pretty annoying and you never know if the things are expensive or not.

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