Can someone explain to me the gaming lingo

Ik kreeg een ps4 pro een tijdje geleden, mijn vriendin heeft me onlangs de X gegeven en ik heb overal op deze reddit gezien, het draait allemaal om FPS enzo, lol als je me kunt helpen begrijpen wat dit is en waarom Het is belangrijk? Ik ben pas net begonnen met gamen en wil weten wat het betekent, dus ik weet waar ik op moet letten, bedankt. Ook zie ik HDR veel

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7 thoughts on “Can someone explain to me the gaming lingo

  1. FPS usually means Frames per second OR First person shooter

    HDR stands for high dynamic range

  2. FPS = frames per second. Means how many frames the machine renders per 1 second Basically how smooth the game looks and runs.
    Not sure about hdr tho…

  3. More Frames Per Second can help reduce motion sickness, and cane look a bit nicer. Film runs at 24 FPS, but if you watch a movie with a really fast moving camera (like Saving Private Ryan), you can notice a stutter effect when the camera moves. Many videogames, including first person shooters (also abbreviated FPS) often have a lot of fast motion, so modern game consoles ofter aim for 60 FPS.

    HDR is a little like contrast – it’s how much detail a TV can show in bright and dark areas at the same time, and how bright the bright parts can be. It makes things a bit more vibrant and lifelike. In theory it could make games with high contrast more immersive, but it doesn’t effect gameplay as much. It also requires an HDR-capable TV.

  4. A good source for acronyms you don’t know, especially if it’s slang, is Urban Dictionary.

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