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Ok, this is just ridiculous at this point. There are several mediocre bundesliga teams in the league SBC that actually CANNOT be completed.

frankfurt, for instance, has not a single LM, RM, LF, or RF on the market. it’s not that there are only a few and they are expensive. there are none available period.

since the whole point of this SBC is to complete them all and try to win the 91 thiago, it at least needs to be possible to complete them — even if it’s expensive.

how does EA manage to screw absolutely everything up every time?

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24 thoughts on “Bundesliga SBC

  1. It is pretty strange that they’ve put up a formation, where Frankfurt only have 3 of the 4 players required in the wide areas. It should have been 3 at the back with 2 wing backs.

  2. It’ll be possible, just wait a little while for price ranges to be adjusted. Once that happens those silver cards that aren’t being listed currently will come back onto the market

  3. Had this same problem with the Serie A SBC. Went and talk to support about it and they simply told me, “It’s supposed to be challenging. Once you finally complete it it’ll be worth it. Good luck!”

  4. Wait: how is that EA’s fault and EA fucking up?

    The market just doesn’t have enough supply to meet the demand. People don’t open Silver Packs. That happens with any team / SBC that has high demand. Remember Ipswich vs Middlesbrough SBC for instance?

    If those teams don’t have any, well, eithr wait for one to pop up and buy it for the price it is set, or do BPM / Bronze upgrade and hope you pack one of them.

    Alternatively, don’t do the SBC.

  5. if you really want to complete it and don’t mind paying more: Marius Wolf is player of the week for the Bundesliga, he has a high chance of being part of the upcoming TOTW. 🤑

  6. EA rushed the sbc without checking, only explaination after everyone onew about laliga

  7. Knew this was going to happen after Calcio A and Ligue 1. I bought everything in advance, had every single Bund league player. Finished it in as long as it took to populate, and then was soundly disappointed by every single reward… You’re not missing much.

  8. I saw in another post that there are multiple ppl holding on to like 30 of those players each. The supply is there it’s just those selfish ppl are waiting for the max bin to increase which i find funny cause these are usually the ppl that have great teams and lots of coins. and Ridiculous and odd no one seems to have any problem with it here.its just “investing” right , like we aren’t talking about a video game.

  9. The Frankfurt SBC needs a LM, RM, LF and RF even though Frankfurt only has 2 LM’s which have been extinct for a while now. Some EA intern is doing a great job.

  10. You guys do realise the formation is based off of the team’s formation in real life. They didn’t just pick a formation out of thin air to screw people

  11. That thiago is amazing! Glad i bought players before, you should absolutely get him!

  12. I find it funny to blame EA when it’s the “investors” (speculators, sorry) hoarding the players.

    If “investing” is OK, then what EA does is OK. If investing is not OK, then EA should come up with funny taxes if you buy more than one copy of the same player.

  13. If I could send you some, i would. I bought a whole bunch of Frankfurt players prior to the SBC. Just didn’t list and am waiting for a price increase.

  14. You should have completed it before it was released than. It’s a waste of like 170k doing it now unless you get good packs.

  15. just put rb and lb to lwb and rwb….also I have done this to be is really good at passing he is on rui costas level and flops time to time and you should have invested a long time ago bro

  16. Ive done 12/18 teams for like 5k so far because I packed Cavani and Ozil. I have never had this much luck from a league sbc. Some of the packs are actually really good.

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