Bronze Benching DOES help in a way. [Anecdotal evidence over 80 WL games and 3 DKTs]

I’m a Silver 1 player (Gold 3 twice), and I have a PL super team, and I share servers with the Middle Eastern players. Therefore, every other game for me is vs. full-Icon teams.

The last two WLs, I Bronze Benched, and took my team rating to 81. I faced only one team with any Icons at all (9 top Icons, IF Valencia, TOTS DdG – I promptly dispatched him) in these last 80 WL games!

**However**, the NIF teams I did face were run by fucking super-nerds with their super tactics. Regular Belotti and Gameiro turned into TOTS Ronaldo and TOTS Messi. Couldn’t get a single pass past Bakayoko. Begovic performed better than my SIF DdG. Not to mention EAids helping the weaker teams.

I switched back to my full bench this DKT, and the full Icon teams are back! I’d rather lose to these guys than NIF teams. Fucking unbearable to see the likes of NIF Ben Yedder destroy IF Fernandinho, then SIF Ake and Ferdinand, and then SIF de Gea.

**TL;DR**: Bronze Benching matches you with lower quality teams, but they’re run by super nerds so rather lose to full Icon teams.

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4 thoughts on “Bronze Benching DOES help in a way. [Anecdotal evidence over 80 WL games and 3 DKTs]

  1. i think this bronze benching gets you eaids. if u have a shit rated team then game does dynamic adjustments to ensure weaker team has some edge. stronger team slows down for some reason. plus weaker team gets more second balls. it’s just a theory since we can’t see the code for this game.

  2. What bronze benching does, is on average, you get more bullshit with you then against you.

    Thats the theory anyway. Not to face easier teams.

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