Bring back WL Requirements!

I liked having to use different leagues last year, the Bundes/La Liga hybrid was a nightmare for me but the challenge of it was something new and different. Bring back the silvers! I developed man love for Swansea’s back up GK as I was scouring the market for somebody to put between the sticks.

Just do something EA. I’ve spent a lot of money on my team and I’m comfortable and confident enough with my team to easily reach Elite on a weekly basis when I can be bothered (Not that I can anymore, whole other story)

Spice it up a bit, sod the pros practicing with their mega teams. You’re literally making the game for 64 people, that’s like me going for a wank and just tickling my zip. You can’t just cater the one section of the whole process, it’s daft and eventually your balls explode*

The game is what is. I won’t complain about gameplay or the new patch as I don’t mind it but this is beyond that, this id something they could easily do but choose not to. Last year through TOTS, every WL during should have been squads from the leagues they were promoting. It ain’t rocket science** so just pull your fingers out EA and flog the dead horse. Plus I need more than 4 days for this creative WL too.

*Scientist please confirm

**Rocket scientist please confirm

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9 thoughts on “Bring back WL Requirements!

  1. Heh this was such a easy money maker last year. Pick up a batch of quick silver fullbacks couple of weeks before req hit. Easy money. Bit sad that they done away w it

  2. Nah fuck that, don’t fancy having to pay stupid prices for silvers and then lose all the coins when they shit the bed in price after the WL, all for the sake of some gold 2 rewards

  3. Dou you want to play with bundesliga players? Play, with silvers? Play, don’t get it

  4. 10 people writing no and this getting downvoted.

    Just wait 3 days, someone else gonna make this post and it will blow up.

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