11 thoughts on “BioShock Infinite Concept Art

  1. First a city underneath the sea, then a city above the clouds.. What’s next? A city on the ground? Probably too crazy..

  2. Bioshock: how religious people see atheism

    Bioshock infinite: how atheists see religion

    It has more to do with general underlying themes

  3. A Bioshock set underground would be awesome. Prey practically did Bioshock in space. A city underground hasn’t been used too often and could make a cool setting. Buildings built or carved into the rocks, an underground river and maybe an artificial forest/hot spring. You get around on mine-carts, similar to the sky rail. They could have a giant tunnel system that connects different places to explore. I’ve came up with my own basic storyline line it could follow too. Cults, a civil war over control of the city, scientist trying to keep their special project from the zealots and reaching the surface, mysteries leading to why the main character is down their in the first place.

    Not saying that’s what should happen, but it’s totally doablez

  4. Ive seen this post at least 6 times this year. they should rename this sub /r/gamingspam

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