Belotti is one of the best STs in Serie A

This guy is insane, completely carried me through the DKT with my budget team today scoring 13 goals with only Perisic and Gomez also scoring 1 or 2. He’s strong, has amazing finishing and also is fast when a hunter card is applied. I strongt recommend trying him out to anyone with a Serie A team.

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9 thoughts on “Belotti is one of the best STs in Serie A

  1. Very good at the beginning of fifa for me. There are better options now but I hope he gets an inform sometime this year

  2. Mertens..scresm perisic….if immobile…..sif icardi……if higuin……. are better… ive tried them all .

  3. For the cost yea but there are many way better options. His dribbling and passing are pretty bad for a serie A striker, not to mention lack of skills. Useless against good opponents and legendary+ AI.

  4. I run a serie A team this year and totgs Andre Silva is another good option upfront and for what he is I think he’s really cheap.

    I have a rotation of 4 strikers, IF immobile, 2IF icardi, totgs Andre Silva and belotti, belotti seems to always do well. If only he’d get an IF.

  5. I don’t understand the love for this guy. I used him early on and he’s completely average for me. Preferred Eder, and Immobile.

  6. I COMPLETELY agree. Granted, I haven’t used Immobile’s SIF, but I think Belotti tops his first IF by a good bit. On a hunter, Belotti has incredible finishing and countlessly puts away some ridiculous chances from tough angles for me. Not to mention his 5* weak foot is practically made of gold.

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