83 thoughts on “Been trying to get my gf into gaming, think Stardew Valley did it

  1. It was my gateway drug as well. 400+ hours later……. Elliott is the best husband.

  2. Stardew valley is not a game it’s a time machine that teleports you to 3:00 in the morning on a Tuesday.

  3. Not trying to offend, but if OP had sad 12 yr old daughter instead of girlfriend, I wouldn’t have questioned it.

  4. That’s awesome. Like a little kid who got a new game. I tried the same with my wife. Apparently skyrim is like crack cocaine because she is addicted to that game now. Lol

  5. Is stardew valley a good game? I’ve seen some things about it but I haven’t watched any gameplay and I don’t know anything about it.

  6. Was cooking dinner when I found her sitting like this, I too was surprised, she moved to the couch after character creator. Don’t worry she isn’t blind!

  7. I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend into gaming as well. So far Mario kart 8 and and Mario odyssey are the only ones that stuck. Does anyone have recommendations for PS4 or Switch?

  8. I got it for my switch, I think I might try and get my girlfriend to play it, though I still want to use my switch…

  9. My girlfriend always saw me playing it and said she wanted to play it. So I made her a character and low and behold she gave up in around 20 min. Apparently she wanted to play my character who already had a good thing going.

  10. Glad it’s not just me! I’ve officially lost the Xbox now – well worth spending all the money on the Xbox One X upgrade…

  11. I got this for my wife when she got a laptop. I hear they’re looking into adding multiplayer to the game so with us both having it on steam we should be able to play together. Looking forward to it!

  12. I love these stories because stardew valley is a masterpiece of indie gaming and one of the best switch indie title

  13. Just had this experience myself. Girlfriend asked if I’d recommend Stardew, now she’s far surpassed me at only 150+ hours in, and I can’t catch up. She’s infatuated with Sebastian and it’s… it’s a little disturbing, in a fun way XD

  14. Same here man, I actually started her off with Mario Odyssey then shifted her over to Stardew Valley. I ended up buying her a 2DS XL for Christmas with Story of Seasons. Unfortunately it didn’t take, and now my Switch spends more time at her apartment with her then it does with me.

  15. She’s literally at the character creation screen… You got her into it for 10 seconds.

  16. Covered in a blanked? ✓

    Not wearing any “real” pants? ✓

    way to close to the screen? ✓

    doesnt care about time of day? ✓

    Yep you got her

  17. I have a buddy who wanted to get his girlfriend into gaming.. She finally started playing bf3 after watching him play so many hundreds of hours. Then she joined a clan. Soon she was getting pretty good and was always on team chat. One of the guys started chatting her up and convinced her to meet up. It was the beginning of the end.

  18. I showed this game to my girlfriend 4 days ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost her to it. She can’t stop playing it.

  19. How many hours did she spend on the character creation screen that she already needed to snuggle into a blanket?

  20. Anybody on PC have a mod that improves controls for somebody on a Mac? Gf wanted to play this but it’s unplayable atm

  21. This is so wholesome. It’s this childlike wonder and love of videogames that so many of us will never be able to capture again. I honestly kinda envy your girlfriend for that. Takes me back to my NES/Genesis days.

  22. I have mine playing Kingdom Hearts and Little Nightmares. I may try Stardew Valley next.

  23. Is Stardew Valley the game that will get people laid or something? I’ve seen multiple posts that have their beloved try out Stardew Valley and love it but here’s me trying to convince my friends that it’s not just a farming simulator xD

  24. Hey what bike do you have out there??? Looks pretty slick is it fixed, commuter, so glue speed roadie? Looks slammed

  25. I know the chances are extremely unlikely but… Do you live in Wyncote PA just outside of Philly?

  26. But.. she’s only at the character creation. How can you tell she will keep playing it?

  27. With a view like that. There’s a lot of things you can get her into. BASE jumping for one.

  28. My neck is in searing pain just looking at this.

    Maybe get her a chair for Valentine’s Day?

  29. Isn’t that the character creation screen? Wouldn’t that mean she’s been playing for all of like 2 minutes? Yeah, really in to the game.

  30. My wife just put her 100th hour into it. I love watching her play, I’m just afraid I’m an annoying video game viewer.

  31. Ah yes. She’s been playing for a whole 2 minutes by the look of that character creation screen.

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