3 thoughts on “Barcelona mayor warns against Catalan independence

  1. > Barcelona’s mayor, Ada Colau, warned on Monday against a unilateral declaration of independence by the Catalonian regional government, saying it would put “social cohesion” at risk. “Don’t take any decision that would dynamite the space for dialogue and mediation,” she said in a public address directed both at Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy and Catalonia’s regional president Carles Puigdemont. “That’s the bravest thing that you can do at this moment.”

    Since that’s literally all the article, I’ll try to add some context to who Barcelona mayor is, and which party she’s from.

    Ada Colau’s group (CSQEP, a hard left coalition that has 11 of 135 seats in the Parliament), has always been pro-legal-referendum and pro-dialogue.

    She gained a lot of popularity being one of the leaders of the [PAH](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plataforma_de_Afectados_por_la_Hipoteca) (Platform for the People Affected by Mortgages) in the worse moments of the 2010 crisis, that organised themselves to prevent evictions of people in vulnerable situation. Like we saw in 1-O vote, they gathered (and still gather to this day) people to peacefully stop those evictions, stopping police work, many times succeeding, sometimes not. They helped the most vulnerable people a lot, and that’s why she’s mayor now. (In Spain, not paying the mortgage for the house would make them take the house from you without terminating the debt.) She even [dressed up](http://estaticos.elperiodico.com/resources/jpg/4/9/1431341748894.jpg). Sad that once she got in the city council she lost all that nerve.

    CSQEP don’t answer, however, to what should we do taking into account that Spain has stated plentily that there will *never* be diaogue about this. They keep saying that catalans should keep on forever doing what they’ve been doing the last years to no avail: asking Spain to negotiate a better way.

    His party also *wasn’t* in the Sunday unionist demonstration in Barcelona. They’re instead the white shirted ones.

    At this point they’re just bystanders protecting their party. Which is reasonable. But at one point they’ll have to side with those that promote violence or with those who don’t. Because if we get her words again:

    >Don’t take any decision that would dynamite the space for dialogue and mediation

    Now, if only Spain hadn’t been taking so many decisions that have actually ‘dynamited’ everything…

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