16 thoughts on “and you forget to add them back

  1. Ah the good old days of Xbox 360 Xbox live, if you could wade through the screamers you’ll meet some of the chilliest people

  2. That actually makes me kinda sad. Reminiscing about all the online friends that have since left my life.

  3. This has happened way too many times with me. Not the sweet message thing, the forgetting to add them thing.

  4. I rarely talk to people in online games but the times I have I’ve met some really nice people. I’ve never added any of them. Mainly because I don’t like getting game invites and I’m usually in an antisocial mood when gaming.

  5. I had a moment like this once. Playing GTA: Online.

    Some dude rolls up on a motorcycle and starts honking. I get on the back and we start riding around.

    Eventually we pull up to another player in his car. We sit there for twelve seconds or so, until I pull out my shotgun and blast the guy, and then we both drove off.

    We spent the next few hours riding around the map, taking out players, avoiding bounty hunters (everyone hated us by this point), and eventually starting a huge police chase.

    Eventually we ended up in a standoff, died, and left the game.

    I still think about him to this day.

  6. If there was ever something that represents the opposite of playing online on Xbox, this would be it

  7. If I could find the first player I encountered while playing Journey, Id say this. I didn’t know much about the game and only realized it was a person until the game ended and my jaw dropped. I miss you, man. :'(

  8. isnt the real story behind this like super depressing? I can’t find the thread but I know it came from reddit. The sender played defense tank characters religiously to selflessly protect his teammates and would send messages like I am here to protect you. He lived in Syria (or some other war torn middle east country), but this message was sent right as the war broke out a few years ago and he never came back online?

  9. This was me just 6hrs ago while playing gta 5 online when some random player helped me make some money …..a big THANK YOU to all the friendly players out there !!!!!

  10. He lost me at the god loves you crap.

    Sounds like this is just a boiler plate thing for this guy.

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