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  1. The full yellow bar of health that is split part way through and is 2/222 is what’s really fucking me up

  2. Let’s make a list:

    – Ryhorn named Abra

    – Ryhorn’s gender icon is upside down

    – Rybra’s level 366 when max level is 100

    – Abhorn’s HP and bar both backwards

    – enemy Pokemon has an exp bar, and it’s ridiculously long

    – Abracaryhorn was encountered in water

    – Thunder ability named Razor Leaf, which neither thunder nor razor leaf is usable by either Charmander or Squirtle

    – Squirtle is named Charmander and colored red instead of blue

    – Charmander Squirtle (Chirtle?) has the name Zubat on their bar

    – Chartlebat’s health bar is yellow, yet 2/3 full, but states it’s 2/222

    – Chatlebat’s level is 0

    – Chubartle’s exp bar is mostly empty, except in the middle

    – Zumander’s gender icon is sideways

    Did I miss anything?

    Edit: Adding the things I missed pointed out by other users

    – Abhorn’s female gender icon is also blue (/u/GawainSolus)

    – Ryhorn’s health is low but the bar is green (/u/Renn1wurt)

    – Chatlebat’s exp bar is extremely long as well (/u/k1ngm3) (not sure why I missed putting this, I did notice it)

    – Doesn’t show how many pokeballs you have. (/u/zaneprotoss) (The number of Pokemon on your team)

    – An electric type move would do 0 damage to Rhyhorn. (/u/zaneprotoss)

    – Thunder wouldn’t even work to show the animation against ryhorn (/u/ghostofwageboggs) (What zaneprotoss said, but worded more accurately)

    – The exp on zubat’s bar is coloured orange instead of blue. (/u/Clayton_11)

    – ~~Glad to see I’m prolly the first to type it down; Rhyhorn is shown to be a female in this picture, but the horn on female Rhyhorns is slightly shorter, therefore it’s a biological male. (/u/FibonacciWithEdge)~~ Visible gender differences were apparently introduced in Gen IV and this is a Gen III sprite.

    – Also not specifically mentioned, Chatlebat’s XP bar is filled in the middle rather than from either side. (/u/Moose_Nuts) /u/monkeyhead62 also mentioned something similar.

  3. This looks like what I imagine would happen when you feed Pokemon battle screenshots into a machine learning algorithm…

  4. Ive seen some fucked up rom hacks, hell i’ve played Pokemon My Ass version, but this….what the hell is this?

  5. I don’t see why people are complaining that it should be immune, it’s 4x weak to yellow razor leaf

  6. The first time I saw this post, the game this was based off was the latest pokemon game

  7. I see nothing wrong. Mostly because I don’t know what this picture is from and suppose to look like.

  8. I don’t get it, what’s the issue here? It just looks like a screen shot of a Pokemon game?

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