Adult games to play around kids

Mijn vrouw en ik hebben onlangs twee kinderen gehad … en we zouden graag weer wat spelletjes willen spelen na een paar jaar, die niet aan het slapen gaan en poo schoonmaken. Mijn probleem is dat de games die ik heb geprobeerd te spelen sinds mijn kinderen begonnen met het realiseren van dingen sterven (Tomb Raider), vragen produceren, zoals "waarom stierf de vrouw de andere man?". We hebben meestal RPG games gespeeld zoals Fallout, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher enz. En Zelda was goed,

TLDR: Welke spelletjes waard zijn er, dat zijn kinderen geschikt?

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12 thoughts on “Adult games to play around kids

  1. The way I see it there are a few ways to solve this.

    A. You could play games that are adult through difficulty and not design. Things like Cuphead, Shovel Knight or Hollow Knight come to mind. The problem is a lot of em tend to still involve death, but their art style avoids the bloody dead body part, and the dead just kinda disappear. I can also only think of ones that involve heavy platforming right now, which doesn’t seem to be what you are looking for.

    B. You play games where you CAN kill. A lot of games nowadays give you options to use lethal or non-lethal methods to complete missions like mgsv, dishonored, and I think hitman. Basically play an adult game but avoid the whole killing shenanigan. I don’t know of rpgs that really use this system, but you should be able to find games with good stories and open worlds at least. Also I don’t think there is much killing in the batman Arkham games but I could be wrong.

    C. The enemies aren’t people. This of course depends on how much you want to hide the topic of murder, but there are tons of adult games that have you killing monsters instead of people. Doom, and to some extent souls games although they may see you die quite a lot.

    D. Depending on why you play rpgs you may just want some jrpgs. They often have as good a story if not better, and they are somewhat open world sometimes. I dont really follow them so I can’t give any recommendations but you can look into them yourself.

  2. If you’re looking for RPG games and don’t mind turn-based, you can try Divinity: Original Sin 2 co-op with your wife (not that you can’t play solo if you want to). The dialogue is witty with humor sprinklings and the gameplay is fantastic, along with tons of co-op synergy. It’s isometric-esque so your kids probably won’t really see any gory details other then a bit of blood.

  3. Splatoon 2

    I can play this game in front of my 3 year old without having to worry about warping his mind, though he might grow up with some weird thoughts about squid people:)

  4. Child of light, maybe? Fairytale-like turn-based RPG with beautiful art style and music.

  5. Kentucky Route Zero is a neat point and click adventure game.

  6. If you haven’t played it already, Okami is a really good game to look into, I think. It falls into that rpg category you seem to like, and there’s no overt violence either. Do you have a preferred console you like to use?

  7. Haha, yeah that one is on the TV right now. My boy really enjoys watching this. Thanks!

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