17 thoughts on “Aaaaand this is how you lose sales.

  1. Tell you what, I’ll order the final version with all the bugs removed for $10. Just like I did for the last two Assassin’s Creeds.

  2. IS this real?

    edit: I was wondering if it is real because this ‘ad’ tends to show that consumers are desperate and I’m not sure if this is the right way to advertise it.

    Also, I never thought that this comment would blow up so many thanks for the up-votes!

  3. I mean, haven’t they done this for almost every Assassin’s Creed? There’s always a few DLC missions, and I believe some locked behind pre-order or not.

  4. You know how in fallout, oblivion, and skyrim you buy something from someone for 1000 gold and then immidiatly see how much you can sell it back to them for and they offer you 100 gold? They got that from gamestop, except gamestop would only offer you 50 gold.
    That’s how they lost my business.

  5. This sub is super against this stuff but it’s got to be working for the companies that pull this shit. I doubt they’ll lose sales.

  6. “hurr durr I’ll never buy from EA again”

    “duhhhhhhh wow those lootboxes aren’t cool dude”

    “durrrrr not even gonna preorder this game with locked DLC”

    *the vast majority of gamers preorders the game, buys the overpriced season pass, and spends a lot of their money on microtransactions*

    “Wow I can’t believe they keep doing this!!!”

  7. Put the pitchforks down folks. This is fake. Gamestop’s “exclusive” preorder bonus is a 3 inch Fig pin… And if you guys were truly paying attention, you would realize most of the current “exclusive” preorder bonuses have been something physical for a while now. (I.e. Shadows of War, has an axe bottle opener. Forza, has a toy car.) The other things have been free characters that you would have otherwise had to pay for out of pocket otherwise. The extra mission DLC will be included in the box, as an incentive from Ubisoft to buy the game at launch.

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