54 thoughts on “[A Hat in Time] Pattycake!

  1. Kickstarter backer of the game. The few hours I’ve had to play it so far have been an absolute blast.

  2. Oh my god, surely wasn’t expecting that. That was cute though, this game looks so good, but I really want it to come to the Switch at some point.

  3. This game looks so adorable and I want to get it but I’m afraid it might be too easy for me considering the apparent target audience.

    Is it for children specifically or is it for everyone to enjoy ?
    What about my non-“g@mer” sister I might play the game with ?


  4. Does the game actually contain that skull x-ray section, or is that combined edit from Sniper Elite?

  5. Wow never heard of this until now and I’m super excited its coming to Ps4! Is there still a chance to back it?

  6. If I wasn’t already getting Mario oddyssee this month and maybe south park, I’d be all over this game.

    Nitro Rads review of it was pretty great.

  7. Beside the fact that this Game might be amazing this short sequence was just disturbing. Smashing the skull of a little girl showing it in detail ? Wow so much creativity – not. Just naked violence which doesnt fit in at all. A normal surprising boxing punch- Yeah ok but that? Hell no… .

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