48 thoughts on “2017 has been pretty good so far…

  1. I’m so excited to read all the reviews of this game- almost as excited as I am to play it.

    Can it beat Mario Galaxy and get a 98? Will it actually win GOTY over Breath of the Wild? The suspense!

  2. i seriously can’t wait for odyssey. i haven’t been this excited for a game since GTA V’s original release.

  3. Meanwhile EA, WB, Capcom, etc. are all wading in greywater with bendy straws.

    I don’t want to understate the quality of the games in the post but I feel like 2017 is right about to take a sharp dive.

  4. Don’t forget about indie games!

    …we picked up a lot of great titles this year. I can personally vouch for Hollow Knight, Rain World, and Mages of Mystralia but I know of several others that were released to critical acclaim or were otherwise well received by players. A handful of indie titles even went multi-platform (stardew valley, axiom verge, undertale, etc) – which is great news for people on those consoles.

  5. Where is Divinity Original Sin 2, the game of the year?

  6. Is Breath of the Wild that good? Or did it just rate well because of being called “Legend of Zelda”?

  7. Just curious how there is a 1 point difference in the Wii u and switch version of BOTW when I thought the Wii u version was plagued with performance issues.

  8. 2017: The year when an indie walking simulator was rated higher than Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nier: Automata…

  9. Damn, is breath of wild that good? I want to play it but I don’t want to buy an entire console for one game.

  10. No but didn’t you hear? Assassins Creed has a preorder bonus so 2017 is the year gaming dies, sorry.

  11. I love how we’re the only subreddit besides /r/AdviceAnimals that uses this outdated meme format/font

  12. Haha before I got to the bottom I was thinking to myself, “Two weeks until Odyssey.”

  13. On the other hand: shadow of war, battlefront 2, forza 7, mass effect, call of duty ww2…

    Edit:removed NMS

  14. There haven’t been many bad or disappointing games
    Hell shadow of war is an amazing game and if it didn’t have micro transactions would easily be a 9/10. Even with it’s easy to ignore making the game fucking amazing

    Battlefront 2 is good also but there micro transactions are a lot more.. annoying

  15. Seeing as everybody’s talking about the big AAA releases, I’m going to jump in and say “What Remains of Edith Finch” is an absolute masterpiece.

    It’s expensive for a fairly short game with little replayability, but the storytelling is innovative and clever, and I was intrigued the whole way through the game. The design changes constantly and still manages to look fantastic.

    Oh man, that frog section though. Brings tears just thinking about it.

  16. This year has been surprisingly fantastic, we even got a Destiny game that’s good now! I don’t need to hide my shame!

  17. Will Mario odyssey be somewhat similar to Super Mario 64? I haven’t played Mario since that game. I bought a switch just to get ready for odyssey.

  18. You mean you love your life because of these amazing games

  19. I’m glad you showed me this, I had no idea a game was coming out called “Hey, would you like to do whatever the fuck you want?”

  20. The user score for Undertale makes me pretty irrationally angry. I wasn’t even a fan of it until it came out for ps4 but when it did I had a great time playing it. It’s obviously a retro-styled game and not for everyone, but what it sets out to do, it does well. Just seems like a bunch of haters got together for a circle jerk on the scores

  21. Pretty sure you forgot the #1 played game right now – PUBG.

  22. Review scores are irrelevant as you can see by the fact that Cuphead and RE7 got way lower scores than they deserved.

  23. Sonic Mania is underrated.

    It’s probably the best Sonic game there is. It’s in the 90s, if we’re being fair.

  24. I doubt Super Mario Odyssey will be better than BotW

  25. Makes you wonder, are these Nintendo titles actually that much better or do they have high scores because nostalgia or they’re the only games on the switch

  26. For real though, each generation’s main Mario title always gets crazy scores/reviews.

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