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  1. NFS: Most Wanted was the shit! No messing about with police chases. Still remember the terrifying SUV trucks that were meant to take you out head on.

  2. Now that’s a successful 10-75.

    I really missed the police chatter

    **10-36!!! 10-36!!! Get EMS out here quickly**

    > Requesting a 10-44

    When I hear this, I start frantically checking the minimap

  3. I absolutely love this game. I wish there would be full HD and widescreen mods that actually work AND are no viruses. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going back to play it again on a regular basis but I would love renewed textures and a widescreen option.
    *starts installing NFS MW*

  4. This is the best nfs to date IMO. I really hope the next one comes a little close to MW

  5. Best NFS ever. Carbon after it is the last one I actually liked. I miss those days.

  6. When the cops can shove you off the road, but not make you get out.
    They’re taking him and his car to be locked in a cell. Ever been in car jail? Your car comes back with a wider exhaust pipe, and so do you.

  7. Holy shit this is still one of my favourite games, had some absolute stomper police chases, had one that lasted about an hour and was so intensely fun. Every time I almost escaped some cop would come flying past the out come the choppers and rhino’s and it was on again. So much fun.

  8. Razor fucking Callahan was such a cheesy asshole. I love him.

  9. I absolutely loved this game. The longest chase I had was just over an hour and my friend and I were going nuts the whole time. It was always such a bad move but I loved going through the golf course.

  10. If they remastered this game I believe it would be very successful, I don’t preorder but I believe this would be an acceptation.

  11. Is this version on PC?

    I loved this god damn game when I was a teen and I’ve been wanting to replay it again since I could never beat the top spot (I had to sell my PS2 before I could.)

  12. I may have to bust out my GameCube now….. thanks for the nostalgia trip, OP!

  13. Man, this and Underground were literally the best car games at the time.

  14. the first F.E.A.R also came out in 2005 and I have yet to see a single player shooter to top it in terms of AI.

  15. Always happens when you take on Sergeant Cross’ Corvette unit.

  16. Wonderful game, shame that they made the pursuits so much easier in Carbon.

  17. One of the most satisfying racing games ever..I could always reach up to a level where I got a Porsche racing car..Very fast one , almost impossible to control with keyboard ..And that was it..Again returned to this gem back in 2011 and 2013 ..Still could never beat it..

    And my all time fav was Aston Martin DB9

  18. Makes me remember Just Cause 1’s Police… they would box you in, ram you, etc, and it made them seem smarter than 2’s Police in a way.

  19. Don’t you just hate when Police gangbang you for no reason.

  20. You got busted, didn’t you? If it works, it ain’t stupid.

  21. *Alright boys, I think we’ve got him. Let’s just ferry his ass into that corner there like some sort of surreal cop-surfing experience.*

  22. Never beat this game. Eventually the police chases got too hard and I could never escape. Checked again like a year ago, and my God the graphics on PS2 do not hold up.

  23. And in that moment I threw the controller across the room and stopped playing the game for about 6 months

  24. The way you could use the slomo then nitro into cars completely destroying them was incredible. Nothing else has ever compared.

  25. I remember back in the good ol days of Red Alert, I walked some sort of stealth unit into the enemy base and when he was detected they launched a nuke at him.

  26. Wow your car is ugly.

    All in all, Most Wanted was one of the worst games in the series gameplay wise, which was superceded immensely by Carbon, then even more so by the 1.5 Unofficial Patch.

    The only fucking reason people still play Most Wanted is for nostalgia. Gameplay sucked, cars sucked, customization was ass.

  27. It’s ridiculous how white cops (cars) treat blacks (cars).

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